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Geckos are very tenacious creatures, the schedule of success of our also moves not only horizontally, but also upwards

We have experience in solving the problems of search engine optimization and competitor attacks, so we know how to live with it without compromising your business. We write computer applications and develop high-load services for the Internet.

what we can

To date, we have not signed contracts for 2019, but if your financial plans to enter into project activities in the 1st quarter of 2020, we can discuss your problem and try to make it your task to your satisfaction.

Corporate portal

Try our free web-based project management service for a small company or startup team.

Your unique service

Use our GEKKON software to your project, this is a free opportunity to make a profit on the Internet.

Sell now with us

Our online store script E-BOUTIQUE is easy to install and does not require knowledge of the designer and programmer.

Dismiss the Manager of social networks

Share information on social networks using GEKKON CMS software solution. Do not waste time on this staff.

How we do it

We identify the need and strive to meet it on all indicators recorded in the terms of reference and in accordance with the project schedule. We do not hide that there are miscalculations on the scale of tasks, but with each new software product such changes in terms of time are less thanks to the project system implemented in the team.

Programs in real work

Our channel will demonstrate the real technological installations running under the control of our software.

You have to look like us

Den Gekkon

founder, SEO

Mamma Gekkon

SMM Manager

Max Gekkon

product owner

Anna Gekkon

projekt manager

Don't touch us 80)

Do not write and call us, as this may have consequences. Usually we automate your work and eliminate someone from the business process.

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